ART FIX | Art entertainment for isolation

It has been wonderful to observe the innovative and creative ways that the art community has pulled together over the last few weeks, supporting each other and art lovers alike. Enthused by this movement, Justin Miller Art strives to keep you inspired and in touch with the art world, bringing you our favourite art reads, films, podcasts and more to keep you entertained while in isolation. 



To watch
Woman in Gold (2015)

Delving into the very real issues of art repatriation, this moving and clever film follows a true story of one family’s quest to recover their Nazi-looted artwork, amongst which can be found a portrait by the famed Gustave Klimt. Starring Helen Mirren as Maria Altman and Ryan Reynolds as lawyer Randy Shoeberg, art meets political thrill. Bonus: It’s now streaming on Netflix! 



To read:
Goodbye to Tenth Street: A novel by Irving Sandler

Making the 2018 New York Times best art book list, Sandler transports the reader back in time to the 1950s and 60s in New York where abstract expressionism was emerging, and scandal and gossip was rife. Vivid, cutting and intertwined with art theory, we see the era of Pollock and Warhol come to life on the page. 



To listen:
The Art Of… by Tate

From the Tate collective, this podcast series looks at the links between art and various themes such as dreaming, memory, hip-hop and love to name a few. Appealing to lovers of London, they explore the various geographical areas  of London’s art scene and ask questions like how has London inspired French artists? Short and sweet, these podcasts are only half an hour long; perfect for a lunchtime listen. 



To subsribe:
Art Review and Art Review Asia

A global magazine, available online and in print, Art Review provides a balance of opinion, reportage, and criticism. With Art Review Asia launching in 2013, they aim to provide a comprehensive look at art across the globe. With nine issues a year (or four should you opt for their Asia edition), their witty articles and interesting reads are sure to captivate. 



To view:
Faces of Frida, A collaboration hosted on Google Arts and Culture 

An inspiring collaboration of over 30 museums from across the globe, Google hosts the Faces of Frida exhibition. Artworks from institutional collections from across several countries defy borders and appear together.  These can be be found alongside an-depth articles and interactive features like videos and personal correspondences bringing to life this seminal artist on your screen. A remarkable global effort and a treat for Frida fans worldwide. 
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