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Exploring the NFT space with Justin Miller Art

Mint NFT Gallery
A philanthropic and exploratory fine art NFT project

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Meet the Artists, with Jennifer Byrne


The Mint NFT Gallery pre-launch webinar with speakers Justin Miller, venture capitalist Mark Carnegie and former dean of UNSW Professor Ross Harley, hosted by Jennifer Byrne. 

Justin Miller Art has been exploring the NFT space and has formed Mint NFT, Australia’s first collective of fine art professionals that brings established and emerging artists to the blockchain. With education and demystification at its core, Mint NFT is an online gallery and art advisory service that helps artists, galleries and estates translate art and art practices into fine art NFTs. To celebrate the launch and to introduce everyone to the diverse art practices within NFTs, Mint NFT gallery held a webinar to allow audiences to meet the artists behind this project, bringing us up to speed on just some of the possibilities. 

The debut exhibition features the recipients of the M H Carnegie & Co Fine Art NFT Fellowship Award, an exploratory and philanthropic venture. 

Click here to watch the webinar. 


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Meet the recipients of the M H Carnegie & Co Fine Art NFT Fellowship Award


Cam Scott


Title: NFT IRL collection 
Medium: photograph and unlockable print file (unlocked upon purchase) 
Priced from 0.1ETH

Cam Scott presents the first NFT-enabled street artworks. Known by his moniker, NOTNOT, this Sydney-based artist’s infamous Digital Realities street series has now been bolstered by blockchain technology. These geotagged NFTs [IRL] allow buyers to discover, appreciate and collect these street artworks across Australia through a custom artist-built platform [ ]. A game changer for street artists and street art patronage. 

Purchasing these NFTs unlocks a high resolution print file of the artwork for personal use. 

Click here to view the collection. 

P.S. If you take a stroll past the Justin Miller Art gallery, you might just spot Cam Scott’s latest NFT enabled work… 


Eva Nolan


Title: Erasure
Medium: 45 second 4K digital animation of graphite pencil on paper
Prices from 0.15 – 0.5ETH

Erasure depicts twenty-four Australian native species of flora and fauna, fifteen of which are threatened, and two recently made extinct. The animation has been developed from an original graphite on paper drawing whereby the twenty-four plants, animals and insects aggregate to form a wreath, a symbol of life and growth, yet also connotative of loss and remembrance.  The organisms entwine and entangle one another – a Western Bristlebird perches on the tail of a Black-footed Rock-wallaby, a Spectacled Flying Fox nestles amongst a Sandpaper Fig. The beings all peer out towards the audience, eyes solemn. A Bramble Cay Melomys, the first mammal to become extinct due to anthropogenic climate change, gazes out quietly from behind a stem of budding Grevillea.  

Erasure engages with digital glitch aesthetics as a metaphor for the fragmentation of natural habitats and disappearance of flora and fauna in the biological world.  The level of digital decay correlates to each species’ conservation status; those who are vulnerable begin to fade, while those who are extinct vanish entirely.  The animation aims to challenge audiences to consider the presence, or absence, of our Earth companions and to consider our role in their continued survival.

Click here to view the collection. 


Ishmael Marika


Title: Rulyapa – Goḏarr’mi (Morning) 2, 2021
Medium: looping video with song, sung by Ishmael Marika, unlockable 2k resolution video (unlocked upon purchase)
Prices from 0.3ETH

Ishmael Marika’s initial NFT series consists of hand drawn generative animations depicting the temporal states of the sacred Rirratjingu saltwater Rulyapa.

The Goḏarr’mi series of Rulyapa details the water in the morning light.

“I am singing the songline and animating the sacred design, Rulyapa. Rulyapa is the Rirratjiŋu moṉuk gapu (saltwater) between Yirrkala and Gutjaŋan (Bremer Island). In this artwork the Rulyapa is rough, representing the angry feelings of people. When Rulyapa is calm Gupadiku (seasnake) sleeps on the bottom of the sea but when Rulyapa gets too rough it wakes Gupadiku and it rises to the surface and gets angry and can hurt with fire. When there are arguments in our families we remind each other of the songlines of Rulyapa, to stand still like Mururruma (the sacred rock) and not be affected by the angry waves.” Ishmael Marika is a young Rirratjingu clan leader, film maker, and award winning Yolŋu digital artist. Ishmael has exhibited at major institutions and galleries throughout the world.

Purchasing this NFT unlocks a 2K high resolution version of the work.

Click here to view the full collection. 


Jaimee Paul


Title: Rewild, 2021
Medium: 30 second MP4 video
Prices from 0.8ETH

Sydney based, New Zealand born Jaimee Paul creates Art For Purpose. Her realistic animal portraits create positive and hopeful awareness that foster custodianship and raises funds for nature and its Beings. Painting on canvas using only black watercolour, they have come alive through animation. These works are a part the carbon neutral M.H Carnegie & Co Fine Art NFT Fellowship Award for Mint NFT Gallery.

Staring into the eyes of a Koala, they seem to have a sense of knowing who you are at soul level. Rewild asks the viewer to remember. You are nature, one in the same. To rewild nature is to rewild ourselves.

20% of the first sale of Rewild will be donated to Rainforest Rescue, a regenerative charity based in the Daintree Rainforest buying back land from developers to protect the Native Lowland ancient forest forever.

Click here to watch the full story behind Jaimee’s debut NFTs and click here to view the artwork. 

Music composed by Troels Thomasen
Animation by Sebastien Phillips


Mark Bo Chu


Title: Crypto Crimz, 2021
Medium: 99 digital drawings 
Prices from 0.05ETH

Crypto Crimz is an NFT universe that uncovers the secrets of a global crime family. From art forgers to activists, tax hacks to dealers, Mark Chu’s hand-drawn characters challenge stereotypes around crime by revealing a global network of ideologies both familiar and surprising. Each crim shares their own backstory, and doubles as an entry in a splintered crime theory dictionary. Blending portraiture with fiction and sociology, Crypto Crimz boldly takes NFT collectibles into a new critical realm.

Through unique backstories, get to know the worldviews of each crim, whose beliefs have unexpected connections. What do an American loanshark, a Chinese activist and an Australian graffiti artist have in common? Is there admiration between hackers, ponzi schemers and whistleblowers? What vices are shared between the moneyed elite and weathered jailbirds? And what power structures control them all?

Click here to view the collection. 


Olivia Anderson


Title: The UnSpoken, 2021
Medium: digital drawings, (Snake, Emu, Stingray, Goanna, Turtle) 
Prices from 0.4ETH

The Unspoken is a visual representation of an indigenous bloodline. The Australian stolen generation story is rarely spoken about; particularly by those affected. The Unspoken tells this story, a personal story of the artists family.

Depicting family members across 5 generations, totems journey across the artwork, each life depicted by a circle of key messages and meaningful symbols. The artist has used the Turtle, Snake, Goanna, Emu and Stingray, to depict her family story and journey through the stolen generations. Although the journey has been difficult, The Unspoken pays respect to all indigenous people affected by being removed from their families and over generations, struggling to find identity and heritage.

Click here to view the collection. 


Pat Younis


Title: The Dawn Coordinate (X, Y, Z), 2021
Medium: real-time naturescape installation 
Priced from 2ETH

The Dawn Coordinate (X, Y, Z) is a three-piece installation collection that offers different perspectives of a dynamic virtual world. Each piece acts like a window to its own unique view of a shared naturescape that sits below an ever-changing sky; simultaneously experiencing the cycles of day and weather from the inception of the world to any given point in the future. Separated by their perspectives, each work features a sweeping Australian-inspired vista that is designed to evolve over time with the presence of the viewer.

Using the latest video-game engine Unreal Engine 5, The Dawn Coordinate is the first persistent virtual NFT installation designed to elicit a familiar feeling of being out in nature, for spaces where access to the outdoors is difficult. Inspired by video games and digital art that share the same vision, the art is designed to be passive and slow paced rather than goal oriented and immediately rewarding.

Pat Younis is an Media Artist making interactive installation art that challenges the way we interpret and engage with virtual spaces.

Click here to view the collection.


Wukun Wanambi


Title: Wawurritjpal, 2021
Medium: GLB file of 3D scanned bark painting 
Prices from 0.1ETH

Wukun Wanambi’s opening NFT series is a highly detailed photogrammetry scan of his bark painting Wawurritjpal, currently on loan to The Yirrkala Museum. This 3D digital replica has been segmented into allotments creating 81 unique NFT artworks.

See the full artwork here:

Wukun Wanambi is an award-winning Yolŋu artist and senior Marrakulu clan leader. Wukun works through traditional Yolŋu mediums as well as being a prolific digital artist. Wukun’s artwork, depicting the ceremonial waters of his ancestral homeland Gurka’wuy, reside in major institutions and private collections throughout the world.

The Mulka Projects portion of the sale of these NFTs will be allocated to acquiring the original physical artwork and permanently accessioning it into the Yirrkala Museum’s public collection.

Click here to view the collection. 



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The fine art NFT collection can be found at where you will also find a handy buyers guide and glossary of terms.

A selection of fine art NFTs can also be found at Explore Sydney Contemporary.

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