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“I see things in terms of paint, all else is irrelevant.”

Fred Williams 


Thank you to everyone who has sent us such kind feedback and exciting recommendations. We hope you enjoy this weeks edition of Art Fix.



To watch
Whiteley (2017)

Exploring Brett Whiteley’s complex psyche through letters, archival interviews and personal footage, film makers James Bogle and Sue Clothier’s collaboration brings to the screen a lively and intimate portrait of the artist. ‘Whiteley’ pulsates between the various moods of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, from London to New York – Fiji to Sydney.

Another brilliant, must-see documentary from Good Pitch2Shark Island Institute and Documentary Australia Foundation.

PS. You might just spot a familiar face or two..

Watch the trailer here



To read:
The Hare with the Amber Eyes by Edmund De Waal

“Objects have always been . . . stolen, retrieved and lost. It is how you tell their stories that matters.”  This is one of my all time favourite books.

Uncovering the odyssey taken by a group of family-treasured netsuke – those intricately carved figures traditionally used to adorn Japanese kimonos, we follow the authors’ ancestors custodianship of the collection through four  generations of the Ephrussi family.  From the salons of late 19th century Paris to the grand palais of early 20th century Vienna, and through the rise of the Nazi regime in the 1930s to the grinding poverty of post second world war Japan, De Waal breathes life into these carvings and paints a picture of the past, immortalizing his personal history in this beautifully written book. 



To listen:
The Art Of… by Tate

From the Tate collective, this podcast series looks at the links between art and various themes such as dreaming, memory, hip-hop and love to name a few. Appealing to lovers of London, they explore the various geographical areas  of London’s art scene and ask questions like how has London inspired French artists? Short and sweet, these podcasts are only half an hour long; perfect for a lunchtime listen. 



To subsribe:
Vault Magazine

This quarterly magazine is not limited to just art; fashion, design, architecture and literature are all covered within its pages. Designed for anyone passionate about art and culture, this Australian born and bred magazine will leave you feeling up to date and in the know once you’ve pawed through its well curated content. 



To view:
360° Project The Metropolitan Museum, New York

Imagine visiting the Met undisturbed by the vast crowds that once swarmed there daily; the Met Museum’s 360° project, achieves just that. Using virtual reality technology, you can visit this glorious art institution through their six video experiences. Accessible from laptops, tablets, phones and VR headsets, should you have a pair lying around, this technology allows you to take 360 degree tours through the Met’s hallowed halls.

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