ART FIX | Art entertainment for isolation

“I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.” 

– Shirley Temple

To open an advent calendar:

The Gingerbread City: Online Advent Calendar from The Museum of Architecture


All you need to do to access this incredible free online advent calendar is sign up to The Gingerbread City mailing list. This London based project has previously brought together architects from across the country to create one of the largest and most impressive gingerbread architectural displays. This year, in lieu of their annual event, The Gingerbread City Online Advent Calendar reveals daily activities, competitions, recipes, architecture facts and insights into some of the most creative gingerbread displays from previous years; a new door is available to open each day, providing hours of festive fun. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so head to the website to see this fabulous  project for yourselves. 

Click here to visit the website (and don’t forget to sign up to access the online calendar!).




To freeze art in time:

Arctic Archive will Save Art at the AWA


The Arctic World Archive is located on an island roughly 500 miles north of mainland Norway. In an effort to preserve and protect our visual culture (amongst other things), the AWA now stores a perfectly preserved copy of Edvard Munch’s The Scream and Harald Sohlberg’s Vinternarr i Rodane alongside over five millions Italian historic photographs, irreplaceable manuscripts from the Vatican and a whole host of other records, documenting our worlds most important cultural and natural sites. The aim is to ensure the longevity of these records in this secure and remote location.

Click here to view a small selection of what AWA are currently storing and to find out more about this ambitious, extra-ordinary and forward-thinking global project.



To explore:

Festive Christmas Light Displays from across Australia


Here is a quick little list of Christmas lights and displays in a few cities across Australia. Public art comes to life with these kitschy, cool and fabulous lights. 


Sydney: Visit Darling Harbour’s psychedelic giant bauble in the ICC forecourt which you’ll find accompanied by an interactive swinging bell display with in-built swings for adults and children alike and rows of giant Christmas presents. This is a well lit walk-around that guarantees fun for the family. Make sure to stop by the Martin Place tree (the largest tree in the state!) and the Pitt Street light canopy on your wanders. 


Melbourne: Urban List has put together a wonderful assortment of suburban light displays that span across Melbourne. Here you can see some of the most incredible public light displays from private homes, each with their own unique flair. From giant trees to miniature nativity scenes, get inspired for your own home displays or simply enjoy creativity throughout Melbourne’s quirkiest neighbourhoods. Click here to see the list. 


Brisbane: A staple of the season, The Enchanted Garden located in the Roma Street Parklands invites you to wonder down it’s magical pathways, lit with shimmering lights and artistic displays. Bring a picnic or indulge in the incredible array of food on offer from a multitude of food trucks. Click here to book your free ticket. 


Perth: Offering a dazzling total of five different Christmas light trails, Perth invites you to explore the city in a new and exciting way. Super-cool downloadable maps are available to help you along your travels.  Click here to view the various locations and maps.



To sip:
The Art of the Cocktail: Cocktails with an artistic twist


Impress your guests this holiday or get a little indulgent at home with this fabulous book full of fun art-inspired cocktails. Relax with a Rene Margarita and a cool Frida Kahlua, or experiment with a Picasso Sour and a funkily named Whamm! Bamm! Pow! There are recipes to last you the whole summer, each with an exciting artistic twist.


To cook and create:
Happy Holiday Baking from They Draw & Cook

Every week They Draw & Cook posts a selection of beautifully illustrated recipes from their worldwide base of creatives. This month’s seasonally themed call for contributors has already begun, with holiday treats from around the globe already making our mouths water. A wonderful source of home recipes and a chance to share your own, this is an alternative and arty way to get inspired in the kitchen. Click here to cook, contribute your own artistic recipe cards or simply admire these creations. 


Above: Kiwi Style Pavlova by Elaine, Aukland (New Zealand)
Below: Mulled White Wine by Cornelia Duemling, Hamberg (Germany)



Our offices will close for the Christmas break from 21st December 2020 so be sure to pop in before then to view our Vintage Photography and Summer Exhibition. We will reopen on 6th January 2021. 

Wishing everyone at home and abroad a safe and happy holiday season.