ART FIX | Art entertainment for isolation

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton


We can always rely on art to provide a consistent stream of inspiration and entertainment. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Art Fix



To watch (and listen):
Caravaggio by the Tableaux Vivants

In the wake of the Getty Museum’s Art Challenge that has become a viral phenomenon, we bring you the Tableaux Vivants’ performative recreation of some of Caravaggio’s most iconic paintings set to Mozart. Clever, funny and downright dramatic, this group places minimal reliance on props and costumes to bring these paintings to life. Click here to check out their Da Vinci performance too. 



To read:
I was Vermeer; The Rise and Fall of the Twentieth Century’s Greatest Forger by Frank Wynne

This biography follows the turbulent tale of one of the underground artworld’s most infamous characters, the forger Han van Meeregen. Earning the equivalent to $150 million USD through his copies, van Meeregen fooled experts for years and satisfyingly swindled the Nazis. From a spurned career as an artist, to discovering forgery techniques and making his millions, this biography leads us up to van Meeregen’s trial where the judge famously stated that “the art world is reeling and experts are beginning to doubt the very basis of artistic attribution. This was precisely what the defendant was trying to achieve.”



To listen:

The Great Women Artists by Katy Hessel

Interviewing female artists, curators, writers and lovers of art, this series is a true celebration of women in art. A curator, writer and art historian, Hessel also utilises multiple media platforms, with her Instagram live stories keeping us inspired in isolation. Follow her on @thegreatwomenartists to keep up to date on forthcoming podcast episodes, live streams and more. 



To dance:
Virtual Studio by Sydney Dance Company 

From Instagram concerts to virtual exhibitions, theatre streams and live comedy – artists from across Australia are bringing the show to your living room. Sydney Dance Company does this through their virtual dance studio, helping you stay fit and train with their coveted pros. With adult and junior classes available at a range of levels and styles you’ll be performance ready in no time!

Click here for more information. 



To eat:
John Olsen: A Recipe for Art by Deborah Edwards and Leanne Santoro

This week we recommend an entire book that is sure to whet the appetite. Mediterranean food, often referred to as the “cuisine of the sun”, inspired a number of John Olsen’s paintings, and this book explores the recipes, ingredients and regions behind them. A fascinating read that satisfies both the mind and palette! 

Click here to view this artist



To create:
Sketch with Jeff by Jeff Hopkins and The Guggenheim 

This one is a bit of fun for the family: designed for young audiences, the Guggenheim’s resident teaching artist Jeff Hopkins is releasing bi-weekly virtual lessons that cleverly combine art and architecture. Encouraging viewers to look at their built environment in a new way, this fascinating series looks at the iconic Guggenheim building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is due to continue throughout April. Released on Wednesdays and Saturdays this is sure to keep the little ones entertained. 

Ps. You can always share your homemade creations on twitter or instagram using @Guggenheim and be sure to tag us too @justinmillerart