ART FIX | Art entertainment for isolation

“Art making is a magic which makes the hours melt away and even days dissolve into seconds.”

Leonara Carrington


We can always rely on art to provide a consistent stream of inspiration and entertainment. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Art Fix



To watch
Destino (2003)

Question: What would happen if Salvador Dali met Walt Disney?

Answer: This!

Yes, it happened. This surreal 1940s animation was the brain child of a little known collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walter Disney.  It was brought to life in 2003, after the project was abandoned decades earlier. Psychedelic yet haunting, we bring to you for your viewing pleasure, Destino.

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To read:
The Surreal Life of Leonora Carrington by Joanna Moorhead

A contemporary of Picasso, Dali and Ernst and one of the key artists in the 1930s surrealist movement, Leonora Carrington led an unconventional and truly extraordinary life. From a London heiress and debutante to incarceration in an asylum and finally a bohemian life in Mexico, Joanna Moorhead beautifully retells Carrington’s story.

One of the last surrealist artists of her time, and an avid political activist, Moorhead’s friendship with Carrington plays throughout this biography, unraveling the shroud of mystery that has long hung over this reclusive yet legendary artist. 



V&A’s rare Frank Lloyd Wright interior is spruced up after years in storage Article by Hannah McGivern for the Art Newspaper

One of the finest and best preserved period rooms outside America is being installed at the V&A East collection centre, soon to be open to the public. 

An incredible feat of organic architecture pertaining to Frank Lloyd Wright’s desire to use material in “as natural and honest a state as possible” this 1936 Kaufman commissioned room is one of only two that were built and preserved today. Read this article to find out more about this magnificent room and the people behind the monumental preservation and installation process. 

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To learn:
A Semester of Art by NAS 

Launching their penultimate semester online, Sydney’s National Art School has provided a wealth of resources to keep people engaged with art.

Their #NASstudiosessions have allowed us a sneak peek into the home studio’s of students and their incredible alumni (Luke Sciberras features in week one), while the #NASartistinsider series interviews NAS’s own biennale artists, kicking things off with  an interview with Tony Albert and a paint mixing demonstration by Les Rice

If that wasn’t enough, NAS has also moved their latest student driven exhibition online, click here take a look at Margaret Olley Drawing Week 2020: Online.

The line up of events, activities and hashtags to follow is fabulous, click here to visit their website and view their full schedule. 



To drink:
Matisse: Vert Emeraude by Botanica

1 ounce bourbon
½ ounce Blue Curaçao
½ ounce Triple Sec
Orange rind, shaved thin for garnish and cut to shape

Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice and cut out your garnish to decorate for a fun and aesthetically pleasing cocktail!

While Botanica suggests the above recipe, we love to experiment! Use colourful spirits and a contrasting garnish for your own Matisse inspired cocktails. We love a slice of lime in a Campari cocktail or a purple colour-changing gin with a dash of pink grapefruit and rosemary. For a non-alcoholic option, a lime and elderflower cordial with soda water with a few slices of fresh strawberry goes down a treat. Have fun and send us pictures of your thirst-quenching and colourful creations.