ART FIX | Art entertainment for isolation

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou


We can always rely on art to provide a consistent stream of inspiration and entertainment. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of Art Fix



To watch:
The Art of Australia with Edmund Capon

The late, great Edmund Capon made an indelible impact on the cultural life of this country not only throughout the 33 years he worked tirelessly as the director of the Art Gallery of N.S.W but also in the years beyond.

Edmund continued to contribute throughout his ‘retirement’ presenting illuminating papers both here and abroad and producing wonderful television documentaries… his intelligence, charisma, humour and boundless energy never waining.

Producing an excellent documentary on Sidney Nolan and then a three part television show with the BBC and ABCTV called The Art of Australia, this series was a true celebration of antipodean visual culture across two centuries. Edmund’s insight and art knowledge brought history to life, illuminating the vivid and nuanced evolution of Australian art. This fascinating series is available for purchase as a DVD or you can find it on the DocPlayer website. They are also offering a 30 day free trial.

Several years ago I interviewed Edmund Capon in London about Serve the People, an exhibition he curated for the much loved White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney. The interview provides an insight into this fascinating exhibition of contemporary Chinese art.

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To view:
Paul Smith the Eclectic Collector by Sotheby’s

Looking at the art adorning the walls of his Covent Garden office, the truly eclectic and enviable collection of fashion designer Paul Smith is explored in this short video. We find out about the events that spurred on Smith’s love of art and understand how it inspires his fashion and design process.

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To read:
The Sphinx: The Life of Gladys Deacon – Duchess of Marlborough by Hugo Vickers

Exploring the glamorous and mysterious life of Gladys Deacon, author Hugo Vickers became intrigued by this 19th century starlet, producing a biography that detailed her dazzling and at times, dark life. Ambitious, beautiful, vivacious but haunted by tragedy, Gladys Deacon was one of the most enigmatic women of her time –  legendary tales of her adventures and endeavours surround her to this day.

Gladys captured the attention of Marcel Proust who professed that he “never saw a girl with such magnificent beauty, such goodness and charm”. She was a muse for Giovanni Boldini inspiring some of his greatest paintings and Jacob Epstein who produced stunning sculptures in her image. A friend to Monet and Rodin and entwined in the societal circles of the elite, controversy and drama never failed to follow the Duchess right through to the her mysterious disappearance. This really is a sumptuous and spellbinding read. 



To follow:
Ben Quilty #TogetherInArt by the Gallery of New South Wales 

The online platform #TogetherInArt brings people together through virtual workshops, tutorials and interviews that inspire creativity at home.

Here, the phenomenal Ben Quilty walks you through the art of drawing a face, while in another episode Ramesh Mario Nithivendran inspires us to create fun and outlandish monster sculptures. If you’re more an ‘appreciator’ than a ‘creator’ you’ll love the curator talks and tours that include head curator of international art Justin Paton looking at Matisse and senior curator of contemporary Australian art Isobel Parker Philip providing a walk-through of their spooky yet thrilling Shadow Catchers exhibition.

Click here to view the full playlist.


To commission:
An inspiring Water Tank and Machinery Shed by Steen Jones

Justin Miller Art recently facilitated the commissioning of Steen Jones to create these playful and monumental works for a client’s farm. Steen is an artist who works fluidly across multiple mediums, from tattoos and street art, to watercolours, installations and mixed media artworks. Here, we helped bring our client’s vision and the artist’s talents together. 

Whether you’re interesting in commissioning your own artwork or looking for something specific for your space, our art advisory service goes beyond our wonderful stockroom and is here to listen and assist. 



To eat:
16 Awesome Food Art Ideas by Bored Panda

Inspired by the plight of parents with fussy little eaters, Bored Panda brings playfulness to the plate! Isolation has inspired home bakers and chefs across the globe, but these gorgeous arty meals really take the cake.

View the full article here and let us know if you’ve been getting creative in the kitchen!