On Sunday 7 October 2018 Justin Miller was interviewed on ABC news to shed some light on Banksy’s most recent performance as it made headlines worldwide. Banksy’s iconic work, Girl with a Balloon shocked Sotheby’s auction attendees last weekend in London as it shredded itself the moment it was sold for $1.9 million, three times the artwork’s pre-sale estimate.

Shortly after the hammer had fallen and the artwork self-destructed Banksy posted a video online entitled Going, Going Gone revealing how he had installed a shredder into the artwork’s frame. In the video he states, “a few years ago I secretly built a shredder into a painting in case it was ever put up for auction.” 

In the ABC interview, Justin Miller explains how Banksy is “someone questioning the art norms, questioning the art world… he is constantly getting himself out there and making us think.”

So what is in store for the buyer of the self-destructed Banksy? In the abc interview Miller finds that “the person who has actually purchased this work has purchased an iconic image that has become even more notorious.” 

To watch the artwork being shredded at auction click here