Justin Miller Art is delighted to announce Art Science, the Australian debut exhibition by international fine art photographer Matt Draper as part of the Ocean Lovers Festival.

See this incredible exhibition for a limited time at our Paddington gallery from March 19th to 29th. 

The extraordinary antipodean photographer Matt Draper brings his creative vision to existence through unconstrained immersion, revealing life beneath the surface. By patiently navigating through untamed ocean environments, Draper seeks to better understand each individual species he interacts with. Working only with natural light during his free-dives, he manoeuvres concept to creation with minimal disturbance. Draper’s art breaks barriers between human and animal, merging realms and revealing distinct characteristics of unfamiliar physicality and hidden intuitive behaviours – resulting in a dynamic balance of vastness and intimacy.

Collaborating with Ocean Lovers Festival and Matt Draper, Justin Miller Art is donating 50% of all proceeds to assist with whale studies by the Director of Research at the Californian Ocean Alliance, Ari Freidlaendar who will also be presenting his important work at the festival. 

To view the full series of events throughout the Ocean Lovers Festival, please visit their website