JMA Consultancy

Justin Miller Art offers a range of art consulting services for private clients, architects, interior designers and developers. These services include art strategy, art selection, artist commissions, project management and installation.

Our long established relationships with top galleries in Australia and overseas mean we are well placed to secure artwork and artist commissions on our clients’ behalf.

The Art of Collecting: Retford Park Rehung

Justin Miller Art had the pleasure of rehanging the historic home of the late James Fairfax AC, located in Bowral. This magnificent exhibition hosted artworks by Brett Whiteley, Rosalie Gascoigne, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Jefferey Smart and a number of prominent southern highlands artists including John Olsen and Ben Quilty to name a few.

 The weekend-long event included a satellite exhibition featuring the artists of the Round Yard Inc. and was one of a number of events that helped raise funds for the Southern Highlands Regional Gallery that came to fruition in 2021.



Project in The City: ISPT George Place – The Dynamic Art Wall 2022

Justin Miller Art in conjunction with Josef Lebovic Gallery are delighted to present The Great Australian Vintage Poster Show, the largest collection of original Australian advertising posters to be offered individually for sale in recent decades.

The exhibition provides a fascinating insight into the historical advertising of travel within Australia. These remarkable posters were designed at the time to provide glimpses of the vast Australian continent to both local and international audiences, decades before the advent of computers, emails, budget travel and Instagram influencers. Romantic visions of an arcadian, sun kissed and at times wild continent appealed to audiences from northern Europe as the nascent Australian tourism market began to develop. The leisure and pleasure of the beaches, the development of the continent’s main cities and the wonders of our outback are all celebrated in these gloriously designed and printed images, many created by the leading graphic artists of the day.

It is fascinating to observe a focus at the time on high speed leisure train travel to remote parts of Australia, a recent development celebrated in a number of these artworks. So too it is important to note that some of the images may in retrospect seem provocative to contemporary audiences, with their depictions of a country that has changed so rapidly both socially and in racial composition with the passing of the years. In this context several of the posters within the exhibition provide a fascinating insight into the way we perceived ourselves and were perceived by others in the first half of the 20th century.

Posters from this period, in such fine condition, are a great rarity and the artistic and technical skills of their creators a joy to behold. They provide a captivating, at times poignant and often sentimental glimpse into a visual culture that dominated Australia’s tourism advertising industry in the years gone by.





Project in The City: ISPT George Place – The Dynamic Art Wall 2021

Drawn from the extensive Australian Galleries collection, Women Art Nature has been curated by Justin Miller Art and brings together the extraordinary and diverse practices of female artists from across the antipodes. From gentle landscapes and stunning still life works to powerful re-imaginings of flora and fauna and innovative methodologies that celebrate the natural world, Women Art Nature is a fascinating snapshot of the great talent found at Australian Galleries and across our country. Visit George Place to view this exhibition or click here to view our interactive online catalogue. 



Project in The City: ISPT George Place – The Dynamic Art Wall 2019

Along the George Place Entrance and Lobby Justin Miller Art will curate quarterly exhibitions along the thirty metre stretch of wall. Feb 2019 featured the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, seen below. 


Project in The City: ISPT George Place – Permanent Installations

Commissioned specifically for our George Place project, Hiromi Tango’s wall series entitled Healing Garden (Earth Flower) and a striking stainless steel sculpture by Lindy Lee entitled The First Innumerable now grace the lobby level of George Place as the first two permanent installations curated by Justin Miller Art. 


Hiromi Tango, Healing Garden (Earth Flower)


Lindy Lee, The First Innumerable

Double Bay Intercontinental

Intercontinental Sydney Double Bay – Entry Foyer, Reception Lobby and Bar

InterContinental Sydney Double Bay featured a collection of significant artworks by established and celebrated Australian artists, in the lobby and ground floor entrance. The collection was curated by the worldwide art advisory, Justin Miller Art. The display of contemporary Australian artwork was chosen to reflect the hotel’s distinctive style, the elegant interiors and the exclusive bayside location.

The Hyde

Justin Miller Art’s consultancy and curation project within a residential home.