Explore an interactive underwater exhibition at George Place. 

Working with Underwater Earth and the Ocean Lovers Festival, Justin Miller Art presents its first interactive exhibition to be held over 12 weeks at George Place. This quarter, we celebrate and explore all the things there are to love, admire and protect within our oceans. QR codes embedded in each image allows viewers to experience the photographs in  an exciting new way, creating immersive 360 degree images on your smartphone. 

Showcasing nineteen works by the exceptionally talented underwater photographer and adventurer Christophe Bailhache, these unique panoramic images were taken across nine years of Underwater Earth expeditions. We will shortly be announcing our screening of the Emmy-Award winning documentary Chasing Coral and a Q&A session with some of the team involved with the film. 

Following this we will also be announcing the release of our Virtual Reality headsets that will allow you to choose and book your own interactive underwater experience through videos brought to you by Sophie Ansel and Christophe Bailhache. 

Further supporting the incredible efforts of the Ocean Lovers festival, Justin Miller Art will  be hosting a second exhibition at our Paddington gallery. This will feature awe-inspiring images from the fine art photographer Matt Draper in his Australian debut exhibition. Watch this space for more information.