In ISPT’s flagship corporate office building, Justin Miller Art curates the Dynamic Art Programme, featuring a quarterly exhibition cycle and a robust programme of supporting events and space activations. Previous exhibitions have included the Moran Photography Prize, Caring for Country with the Karrkad Kanjdji Trust, Out of Sight, Out of Mind with Underwater Earth and Ocean Lovers Festival, Beach Couture: A Haute Mess with Marina DeBris, Vintage Australian Poster Show with Josef Lebovic and more. Each exhibition is carefully curated with art to inspire, inform and create impact. Alongside our rotating exhibition project is a work from Hiromi Tango’s wall series entitled Healing Garden (Earth Flower) and a striking stainless steel sculpture by Lindy Lee entitled The First Innumerable. Commissioned specifically for the space, these works are the first two permanent installations curated by Justin Miller Art.

Location: Sydney